Types of Domains
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Domain is the name of the URL or the link through which you can use the website, just by typing it in the search box. It’s usually consists of two parts which are the name of the website and the domain extension. Here are some types of the most famous and frequently used domain extensions and the use of each of them:

  • .com

The most famous domain extension and the most frequently used one, it’s an abbreviation to the word commercial, and it’s supposed to be used mostly for commercial websites but actually it is used for many types of websites.

  • .net

Abbreviation for the word “Network” and used for websites related to services and channels, and some companies prefer to use this extension to give a quick brief about the website content.

  • .org

Abbreviation for the word “Organization” and it’s usually used for NGOs.

  • .info

Used for trusted websites which present data and information about something and it is an abbreviation for “Information”

  • biz

Abbreviation for the word “Business” and usually used for business companies or even small business.

  • .tv

Tends to be abbreviation for Television and used for websites of  TV channels or TV programs .

  • .ws

It’s an abbreviation for  Western Samoa, but it became used as an abbreviation for “Website” and used for personal internet websites as any user from anywhere can used it.

  • .mobi

Reserved especially for mobile phones websites and anything related to it, it’s an abbreviation for “Mobile”

  • .name

The only extension created especially for personal usage, usually used for websites that present photos or personal information and used basically to remember its email.

  • .edu

Abbreviation for the word “Education” and used mainly for educative websites, and sometimes it is followed by the country symbol to which the websites related.


If we can define the domain, we will say that it’s a group of numbers related to each websites, and because it’s hard to memorize those numbers, letters are used to market the websites easily, and we reviewed a quick brief about some types of domains.