What is meant by “Landing Page”?

What is a Landing Page?

As the name implies, the landing page is a single page of the website that users land on it whenever they click on a specific Ad or as a result of a normal search.
Marketing specialists usually use landing pages in order to limit the available options for users and provide them a single page that includes every tiny information they may need in the process of buying a specific product or a service.

What are the Main Elements of a Landing Page?

If a landing page is designed for the purpose of obtaining leads or increasing the sales then it should contain a contact form, a phone number, the address, and in some cases a link that leads to a shopping cart.

What is the Main Goal of a Landing Page?

The goal of of landing pages is to convert the site visitors into leads “sales” and this is what we call “Lead Generation Landing Pages”.
Also, it’s worth mentioning that there are other goals of landing pages. For instance, the “Click Through Landing Pages” which aims to urge the visitor to click to go to another page and so on. It’s usually used to present sufficient details of a specific product or service.


Based on your purpose of the landing pages, you can choose which type fulfills your requirements. Above, we’ve tackled some types of such purposes.