What is Google Panda & Penguin Update?
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Panda and Penguins are adorable animals but the horrors that Google brings with their names can give you a headache especially if you have a huge network of websites. Moreover it can also bring you financial troubles if you solely rely on revenues from your websites.


So what is this Penguin & Panda menace introduced by Google? I wouldn’t call it a menace though because I strongly believe that this is a good step by Google, although their filtering rules are quite strict which cause many good websites to go down in their ranking.

Understanding Panda & Penguin

For simple understanding, the Panda updates are targeted to filter duplicate content or poor quality content. Poor quality, meaningless and spun content has been a big problem that Google has faced in the past. The penguin updates are targeted to filter poor and irrelevant backlinks. If your website gets hit by one of these updates, Google will deindex your website pages that don’t meet the filtering criteria.


So What To Do?

You don’t need to worry if you regularly update your website, have quality backlinks, proper SEO and meaningful engaging content. The problem starts where you have duplicated content that was previously indexed by Google from some other website. If you are spinning the content that has no meaning to anyone then again you need to worry. Moreover the same goes for back linking, if your links are from websites that have little or no ranking in Google then your website runs the risk of deindexing.

In order to keep Google Panda & Penguin happy don’t mess with their food; in this case it’s the content & the backlinks. Keep the best content on your website and make it SEO optimized. Introduce quality backlinks to your website and that’s all you need to do to stay safe and enjoy the perks of higher Google rankings.


Google is the world number one search engine with billions of searches every day. In recent years Google has updated its algorithms to eliminate bad content and poor backlinks to ensure that searches yield the most relevant results. For this Google introduced two updates to its Algorithms, Google Panda and Google Penguin. The panda updates help google filter out poor quality or duplicate content whereas penguin filters out websites which have poor quality backlinks. It is extremely important for website owners to get their website audited by SEO experts and ensure that google doesn’t black list your website.