What are Google Penalties

When creating a website you should pay attention to google rules to avoid creating a website with an infringing content which may lead google to apply their penalties on your website. Therefore, your website will get a low rank and maybe google put it in the blacklist.

How to Avoid Google Penalties

  1. Never copy from any website. As it is important to preserve the copyrights more than increasing the number of your posts and articles. So, it would be better to publish two articles per week without copying it, than publishing dozens of articles which are stolen from another website.
  2. Avoid the back links which refer to other websites on your website. Also, avoid the backlinks that refer to your website in other websites as this mistake breaks google rules. In both conditions, you will receive a warning message from google tells you about this break.
  3. The content reflects your website. So, if google feels that your content is weak or duplicated they will apply their penalties on your website. Also, you need to pay attention to the harmful links and the re-routing tools on your website.

Types of Google Penalties

  • Site wide Match: this penalty applies to the whole website for breaking the rules.
  • Partial Match: this penalty applies to the pages of websites that break the rules.
  • A penalty for the back links which aims for advertising and marketing.
  • A penalty for the harmful links.
  • A penalty for the weak and duplicated content.


Google’s algorithms check the websites periodically and whenever it find a break for such rules, it applies the penalties. So, it’s important to know the mistakes that break google rules and how to avoid it. Also, reviewing your website permanently will avoid you from falling in such errors.