What is the collage?
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A technique of art production that uses different forms of artwork to create a new type of visual is known as collage. A montage is a piece of artwork that is created from different forms of media including 3 dimensional objects.

A History Lesson

Collage can be dated back to 200 B.C when the paper was first invented in China. It grew in popularity towards the 10th century in Japan. Collages were further used using gemstones to decorate religious visuals in Europe and in the current century the whole technique has evolved into E-Collage.

Types of Collage

A collage can consist of different types based on the material used to make it and the type of media used to make it. Below are some major types of Collages that exist today and are commonly displayed as artwork in galleries or simply as hobbies of people:

Famous Collage Artists

Some of the most famous names in art history have been using collages for centuries and include the artists like Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque, Jean Metzinger, Juan Gris and so many others. Below are some examples of the artwork created by these famous artists.

examples of collage artists works

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A collection of photographs is known as a collage and it can be made digitally or even on a paper. In the modern age however people make collages and share on social media. There are hundreds of applications available on smartphones as well as computers to create a collage. Historically many renowned artists also created collages. Create a collage and share it with your friends to portray your memories.