What is “SEO”?
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In recent times everyone turned to use search engines and we find a frequent question about what is “SEO”? It is abbreviation for “Search Engine Optimization”, SEO refers to initialization and setting for website to ensure getting better rankings among search engines results for different search engines as “Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Ask”.

What is the relationship between “SEO” and marketing?

“SEO” term is part of a marketing search engines “SEM – Search Engine Marketing” it depends on marketing through search engines and the development of marketing strategies. This strategy exploits users’ activity by marketing Ideology; this strategy can be done through paid advertising or organic appearing in search engines.

Why marketing through search engines?

The high number of Internet users, who search for different products to get the most suitable offers is considered the main reason for paying attention to search engine optimization. Some businessmen prefer paid search ads for a rapid distribution by different search engine, But many followers do not prefer to access on those ads, they prefer to access the organic results that appear naturally where any search engine determine the rank of appearance for any website based on the importance of its content so SEO team is working to provide the best content for followers without repeating or cheats.

How search engines work?

The role of search engines includes two basic functions are:
1. Browsing and archiving (Crawling)
When you do a search the search engine browses many sites and archives them to get results later for similar searches.

2. Display the relevant search answers (Relevancy)
The next step after browsing and archiving is that presenting final results depending on the quality and important content.

How I optimize search engines to get higher rankings?

Website always needs to additions and renovations which allowing getting higher rankings at Search engine results pages and this would require attention to several aspects as:
• develop the content of the site and the presented information and investigate the extent of their credibility and their relationship to what has been searching for, where the content is the basis of every successful site.
• enrich the content of your site by “Keywords” which is searched through many search engines.
• improve the presentation of website topics to meet the vistors’ needs and requirments.
• attach various links within the website in order to be in high rank among searching results.
• Interaction with different types of social media.
• Use YouTube helps your site to be in advanced results.
• Improve Meta decryptions (Meta) and the codes this will help search engines to deal with your website and understand its content.
• improve the website loading speed and make sure that your theme is responsive for mobile and smartphones users.


We identified previously the concept of “SEO” and its importance for any website as it turns out the relationship between SEO and the marketing process through search engines and its role by reaching the required results we also know the most important factors to get higher rankings in the search results pages.