Research & Planning

The first step in any development task is proper research and planning. It is important to identify the goals and the type of audience the website will be targeting. During the research process in web development it is always important to look at the competition and understand their design.

Front-End Development

Web development can be divided into two major development tasks which include the Front-End Development and the Back-End Development. The Front-End Development comprises of the framework/structure of the website and is usually done in HTML. The 4DGraphix developer creates the website framework by using the Web PSD and HTML code.


Back-End Development consists of adding functionality to the website. Mostly developers use JavaScript, SQL and PHP framework. The development also involves the use of databases and web services that help the website function properly.

CMS Integration

4DGraphix have years of experience in CMS integration to provide you the best web service. Our developers have hand on experience in WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Prestashop and Magento. Our developers can easily customize any CMS to the client’s needs by simply tweaking the code.

CMS Plugin Design

4DGraphix Developers also develop and implement custom plugins for different types of CMS. We have created 27 different types of plugins for WordPress, Drupal & Joomla that range from application submissions to query forms and more.

Testing & Quality Assurance

4DGraphix runs and extensive testing and quality assurance program on all its websites. Primarily during the development stage the SEO team works hand in hand with the developer to optimize the design of the website for search engines.

After this our QA team checks for bugs and errors to resolve any issues. Continuing with this process we also evaluate the user experience to ensure the customer and their audience gets the best website usability experience.


Once the website is complete and deployed to the client’s satisfaction most companies finish the contract. 4DGraphix works differently because we believe in providing unmatched services to our clients. We therefore provide support and maintenance after deployment of the website.